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7 ways my Seminars will benefit you!

1. Discover many ways to good health.

This will happen through education about your body, health, food, medicines, supplements and how you can take more responsibility for your health and live a longer, healthier life and save money in the process. Because there is no magic bullet, I’ll show you how to build strong health foundation for you to build on.

2. You take control….

Wouldn’t it be great if you could live your life disease-free?  Maybe this is unrealistic, but something worth focusing on especially with all the talk about diseases like diabetes, obesity and cancer plaguing our world. A cancer researcher recently told me how he has noticed a number of his colleagues have Cancer. Does this tell us something?

Don’t wait for a crisis before you act. Learn about my personal health challenge solved by a doctor who focused on nutrition before using medicines.   Find out how this experience dramatically altered my life and opened my mind to the world of holistic health (Big picture).   Learn how important knowledge and nutrition is to improve the quality of your life and how medical researchers who were looking for medicines to cure cancer are now investigating the potential of foods like broccoli.

3. We provide you with an action plan…..

Learn how to be proactive with your own health and how to change habits. Learn how to get quality and reliable information and to appreciate how the big picture of health all fits together.

4. You risk nothing….

Guarantee : My Seminar will show you ways to benefit your health, or your money back!

5. You will have fun learning…..

An entertaining, interactive seminar, packed full of information.

6. Your questions answered…..

See the topics page for full details  of what’s covered in the seminars, including how we define wellness, wise use of your medicines, getting the best out of your health professional and the good, bad and the ugly of our food. Answers to your questions that providers sometimes don’t have time to do or you have not been confident enough to ask.

7. You’ll be learning with an independent unbiased health professional.

Denis Toovey has 40 years clinical and management experience in hospital and community pharmacy in Australia and New Zealand.