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My book introduction

A number of years ago I was seriously unwell for several months. My doctor diagnosed Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) and said there was not much he could do for me. As luck would have it, my wife suggested I go to a doctor I met when I was a pharmacist, visiting doctors to advise on cost effective use of medicines. Dr Higgins was unusual in that he focused on nutrition and lifestyle before resorting to medicines. During my visit he checked me out in the orthodox manner and found nothing unusual.
He then enquired if I was open-minded. Not appreciating what he meant, I stated that I was struggling with poor health and desperate for answers. He then proceeded to do some muscle testing, called applied kinesiology that showed my body to be low in boron, zinc and co-enzyme Q10 and not suffering from CFS. After taking supplements to correct the deficiencies, unbelievably, I was back to my normal self within a week.
While I cannot prove Dr Higgins’s treatment cured me, this experience opened my mind to the importance of getting an accurate diagnosis, then dealing with the cause(s) – by standing back to look at the ‘big picture’. It had taken a crisis to move me to action, which is so often the case for most of us. Dr Higgins became my regular doctor, but was tragically killed in a hit and run incident some years later. Sadly, I have never been able to find a replacement quite like him.
Throughout this book I have used the term ‘wholistic’ to emphasise a focus on the benefits of a whole ‘big picture’ approach. This includes holistic (complementary and alternative medicine, focused on dealing with causes of disease), combined with orthodox medicine. Integrative and functional medicine are alternate terms.