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About Us

Denis Toovey – Retired Pharmacist and published author.

Tauranga, New Zealand


Married to New Zealander, Judy
They have two children and six grandchildren.


Wood turning, health promotion, lawn bowls, tennis, cycling, walking, researching, fishing and vegetable gardening.
Past-Member Tauranga South Rotary club where he played a role in setting up the Careers Expo which continues as an annual event.

Work history

Denis’s career in pharmacy began in 1971 at Royal Perth Hospital (1,200 beds). The following 14 years, he had a series of clinical and managerial positions in hospital pharmacy in Perth and Geraldton, Western Australia. This included work with the Royal Flying Doctor Service to outback hospitals and nursing posts, being a clinical pharmacist, specializing in cancer, asthma and heart disease, with involvement in doctors rounds, patient education and a medicine assay service with a clinical pharmacologist. He completed a post-graduate diploma in Clinical Pharmacy.

In 1985, he and his family moved to New Zealand, commencing as Chief Pharmacist, Whakatane Hospital. After a year there, he became Chief Pharmacist at Tauranga Hospital and implemented many upgrades. He also served on the national executive of the Hospital Pharmacists Association for a number of years. He also worked for the Preferred Medicines Centre, visiting around 250 local doctors to assist them with rational choices of medicines and getting the best value for money.

In 1995, he took a career change and with his wife, Judy, bought Avenue 12 Pharmacy which they owned for 11 years. Their pharmacy won the prestigious Trustpower Customer Choice Award in 2003, 2004 & 2005, in recognition of their customer service and the provision of holistic health advice. In 2007, he was  a part-time tutor BOP Polytechnic and the NZ Representative for Healthpoint Technologies computer information systems.

Over the years, he has seen many patients fall through the cracks in our health system and has written his book Better Health for You to help people take more responsibility for their health with a focus on cures and prevention of disease. In 2000,  he was ill for 3 months with what an orthodox doctor diagnosed as Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (ME). As this doctor had no answers, Denis and his wife went to a holistic medical doctor in Tauranga who did some tests that indicated his body was low in Boron, Zinc and Coenzyme Q10 and that he was not suffering from ME. This experience really opened his mind to the concept of holistic, big picture health. From then on, he has studied the field and applied his learning to help others with their health.

His goals for health…

*To ensure that more people are educated about medicines, nutrition, healthy eating, how the health-industry works and the concept of holistic health, so they can take more responsibility for their health and live longer healthier lives.

*A pro-active, user-friendly health-industry, focusing more on the curing and prevention of diseases than treating their symptoms with medicines.

*More holistic (Functional Medicine) doctors like Dr David Higgins, who changed my life. Greater co-operation between orthodox medicine and complementary health practitioners.

*More people focusing on moderation and having balance in their lives.

*More people seeking better answers to their health challenges.

*To develop tools to make it easier for people to achieve their health goals.

*To save people money.


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