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The paperback version of my book (a manual to show you how to take care of your health) is now available as follows;

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Gluten Free Shop; 435 Cameron Rd Tauranga 07-5799958

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Chapter 1: Common Health Issues
Chapter 2: Fact or Fiction?
Chapter 3: How Do You See the World?
Chapter 4: The Media & Advertising
Chapter 5: Risk Factors for Disease
Chapter 6: Germs & Immunity
Chapter 7: Medicines & You
Chapter 8: Health Professionals
Chapter 9: Complementary & Alternative Medicine
Chapter 10: Improved Use of Medicines
Chapter 11: Nutritional Building Blocks
Chapter 12: Food is Your Foundation
Chapter 13: A Healthy Lifestyle
Chapter 14: You and Your Health
Chapter 15: Health Care in the Future


1. Discover many ways to good health.

This will happen through education about your body, health, food, medicines, supplements and how you can take more responsibility for your health and live a longer, healthier life and save money in the process. Because there is no magic bullet, I’ll show you how to build strong health foundation for you to build on. read more

Barriers to communication

January 26, 2011 7:52 pm - Posted by admin in Health, Health Professionals

Let us look at a few examples to see how easily communication can fail. Many professionals use the term ‘blood thinners’ to describe medicines that slow the blood’s clotting process. Hearing a blood specialist (Haematologist) use the term at a conference, I raised the point that the emotive description might scare patients out of taking their medicine. He agreed with me, and pledged not to use the term again. read more

Believe it or not,  our mind may affect our health.  For instance, you may be given the best medical treatment yet do not get well.  How could this be possible?   Research done by the Reverend Dr Robert Bayley in Los Angeles demonstrates how important this issue is.
A patient may believe that they are unwell because they are paying for their sins or have particular superstitions.  Rev Bayley stresses how important it is for health providers to assess the situation with questions like ‘Do you want to get well?’  It could simply be that a patient believes they are too old and have given up.  read more