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Q. What is holistic health?

A. Solving health problems through access to a wide range of options including nutrition and complementary medicine like Acupuncture. Many of these ‘alternative’ treatments, as they are sometimes referred to, go back a long way in history and may play a vital role in complementing orthodox medicine.

Q. What do you mean by a scientific investigator.

A. Sometimes people believe things to be fact just because they read it somewhere or someone told them. In my seminars, I teach people how important it is to ensure there is evidence to back up facts and they are not acting on what some would call an ‘old wives tale’. An example is the modern management of wounds called moist wound healing. Without any real evidence, people have, for many years said the best way to treat a wound was to dry it out in the sun. Research has shown this not to be the case as a scab inhibits good healing. The answer is to seek professional advice with an emphasis on keeping the wound warm, moist, clean and interfere with it as little as possible. Special dressings and products like Comvita’s Manuka Woundcare honey are ideal.

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