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Testimonials :

“Better Health for You – An Insider’s Big Picture Guide, is an important book by a pharmacist who became increasingly concerned at the limitations and adverse side-effects of medicines.

Fortunately, Denis Toovey had not only sufficient curiosity to look outside the square, but also the courage to act. This book is the result of many years searching for potentially better ways to maintain health in an environment that has become progressively more toxic.

The reader will find answers to many health questions with good evidence-based remedial suggestions. At the very least it ought to be in every library.”

Dr Mike Godfrey MBBS.


“Great to see someone like you helping people in this way.” Dr Richard Speed,  Medical Specialist, Tauranga, NZ.


“Denis has spoken on a wide range of health issues to our over 50’s exercise class called ‘Recycled Teenagers’ on two occasions. His knowledge is broad and he gives a balanced view. His passion for peoples’ health had the audience captivated. Denis considers both conventional and alternative ideas regarding health, and replies to questions in an easily understood way. I was impressed with his attitude and honesty, and with the way he challenged people to take responsibility for their own health. ”

Jennifer Butler, Recycled Teenagers, Tauranga New Zealand


“We are pleased to have had Denis speak to our ME group with good feedback from members.”
“I liked the way you weren’t marketing any particular product and that you came from a holistic perspective. For people with ME/CFS this is especially important because there are often multiple factors that have led to them being ill, and maybe remaining unwell. Therefore a multi-pronged approach to better health, looking at physical, mental and emotional/spiritual health and in general, a more balanced life is the only way to go. I was pleased you included the concept of ‘The Law of Attraction’ and whether peoples’ glasses are half full or half empty. While challenging for some, is good stuff and gets people thinking and hopefully leads to them taking more responsibility for their lives and making some simple changes.
Often people with ME begin to feel powerless to effect change for the better in their lives so health information like your seminar demonstrates to them that there are lots of basic things that they can do to improve their life.” (November 2008.)

“We are planning to have Denis back to run one of his ‘Better health for you seminars’ at our annual conference in June 2009.”

Tina Richards:
Field Officer ME/CFS Support Group (BoP) Inc
Chadwick House, 250 Chadwick Road, Greerton 3112, Tauranga, New Zealand


Denis has also recently spoken about his seminars to a local group of field educators and received the following feedback;

“Thanks Denis, I’m with you all the way”

“I commend you on your journey as I know there is such a huge need for more education and awareness on all the topics you have shared with us”

“I’m so pleased to see a health professional out there with your passion looking to educate people so we can avoid some dangerous health situations”