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Book Better Health for You – An insider’s big picture guide

Table of contents

Chapter 1: Common Health Issues

Chapter 2: Fact or Fiction?

Chapter 3: How Do You See the World?
Chapter 4: The Media & Advertising
Chapter 5: Risk Factors for Disease
Chapter 6: Germs & Immunity
Chapter 7: Medicines & You
Chapter 8: Health Professionals
Chapter 9: Complementary & Alternative Medicine
Chapter 10: Improved Use of Medicines
Chapter 11: Nutritional Building Blocks
Chapter 12: Food is Your Foundation
Chapter 13: A Healthy Lifestyle
Chapter 14: You and Your Health
Chapter 15: Health Care in the Future

Topics Included :

  • Traps to look out for when doing your own research.
  • What are the basics of being healthy?
  • What do we mean by holistic health?
  • Learn how we tend to attract into our lives the things we focus on like wellness and how our interpretation of the world affects our health.
  • What are your chances of having a heart attack or stroke?
  • There is much evidence to show how specific nutrients can have a positive effect on certain diseases, just as we know about how a lack of Vitamin C caused Scurvy on sailing ships in the past.
  • Your diet is an important pathway to health
  • The good, the bad and the ugly of our food.
  • Why restaurants in New York have banned trans fatty acids and why others are likely to follow.
  • What do we mean by ‘empty foods’?
  • Past advice to not eat fat doesn’t seem to have worked. Why?
  • Ways to protect ourselves from the pollution in our environment.
  • Is there a perfect diet?
  • Why vitamins and mineral supplements may be cheap insurance for some people.
  • Why are we seeing Type 2 diabetes in teenagers when this was unheard of a few years ago.
  • How to avoid fluctuating blood sugars that may head us towards diabetes.
  • What is Syndrome X and how does it explain some of our major health problems?
  • Understanding blood tests.
  • How to get the best out of a visit to your health provider(s)
  • Why are patient support groups so valuable?
  • How taking advice from unqualified people can be dangerous.
  • Wise use of medicines.
  • Understanding side effects of medicines, herbs and supplements.
  • How medicines, herbs, foods and supplements may interact with each other.
  • Anthony Robbin’s ideas on how to develop new habits.
  • Action Plan.
  • And much more